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Wellness Care
Wellness care provides the optimal maintenance for our bodies health and well being.  Routine visits enhance the synergy between the mind and body. This increased Synergy allows us to be at our best day in and day out.  Keep your mind and body in harmony, maintain peace and balance and live the life you deserve to live.


First, select the In-Home Wellness membership plan that best suits your lifestyle. Then book your appointments as needed with our online booking calendar or by calling 424-281-9391.


Take your life back and give your body the sweet love and care it needs to be at its best.
Start enjoying your In-Home wellness membership today!


                                                                                           Benefits of Wellness Membership:
                                                                                          – Pain Relief
                                                                                          – Relieves Stress and Tension
                                                                                          – Increase Joint Mobility
                                                                                          – Increase Flexibility
                                                                                          – Elevates Strength and Endurance
                                                                                          – Improving Posture





* Treatments are not transferable. Early cancellation fee may apply.