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Joint Pain: Inflammation of Tendons Causing Immobility

Joint Pain: Inflammation of Tendons Causing Immobility


A condition in which the tissue connecting muscle to bone becomes inflamed (the picture below illustrates redness at the tendon). A tendon is tissue that attaches muscle to the bone. It is flexible, tough and fibrous and it can withstand tension. A ligament extends from bone to bone at a joint, while a tendon extends from muscle to bone. Tendons and muscles work together and exert a pulling force. Tendons and ligaments are tough and fibrous, but they are known as soft tissue, because they are soft when compared with bone.


  • Sudden injury
  • Repetition of a movement over time
  • Trauma
  • Age
  • Profession
  • Sports
  • Health conditions



  • Pain which worsens with movement
  • A feeling that the tendon is crackling or grating as it moves
  • Swelling, heat, and redness
  • A lump may develop along the tendon



At Elite Pain Care we provide a total body treatment plan that consists of 3 phases. In the 1st we focus on eliminating your pain and alleviating your symptoms. In the 2nd phase of your treatment plan we focus on rehabilitation with physical therapy to increase strength and flexibility. In the 3rd phase of treatment we provide overall wellness. Wellness care provides patients with preventative care and includes personal fitness training, nutritional counseling, postural improvements as well as stress and anxiety management.

Treatment plans include: Spina Adjustments, which aids in the proper alignment of vertebrae in the spine and remove pressure on nerve roots alleviating pain in the neck. Muscle stimulation to increase blood flow, enable faster recovery of muscle soreness, clears lactic acid and increases fresh oxygen and nutrients. Soft tissue therapy increases range of motion, increases flexibility, and it provides you with proper joint function. Physical therapy is a rehabilitation phase of your treatment where our goal is to increase strength, flexibility and range of motion of your joint.